Zoho CRM Introduction

Zoho CRM Training Introduction.
I’ve created this board for you to learn and for you to send your kick back co workers here too.
I know what it is like. I am here to help.

Say Hello Introduce Yourself

Say Hello.
Introduce yourself.
Tell us where in the world you are from and why you are here.
And anything else you’d like share.

Help Me Keep Zoho Training FREE

A quick explanation to why I hope you accept me as your official Zoho Partner. Help me continue to build free training programs and give me a little more clout with Zoho support.

Zoho ONE

Zoho ONE Questions.

Zoho CRM Leads

Zoho CRM Leads Training.
Learn how to make the most out of your Zoho Leads.

Zoho CRM Accounts

Zoho Accounts training.
Learn all about those businesses you work with.

Zoho CRM Contacts

Zoho CRM Contacts Training.
Your Contacts are your business gold mine.
Let’s make the most out of them

Zoho CRM Deals

Zoho CRM Deals.
This is where you make the $$
All business is based on Sales.
The deals is where you will live in your CRM.

Zoho CRM Reports

Reporting Is huge in Zoho CRM.
You need to keep on top of the errors in the data.
And then of course there is the sales reporting that’s massive to your business too.

Zoho CRM 3rd Party Integrations

Zoho CRM can connect with many 3rd party applications.
Most of your favourites will work with Zoho.
This section is where we will help you connect.

Zoho CRM - Business Specific

I’ll add categories here for business specific lessons and conversations.
If you don’t see what you need let me know.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Zoho CRM - New Job - Ace The Interview

Lots of people tell me that they are researching Zoho CRM for a new job.
One they’ve started or it’s for the interview.
In this section I’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Zoho CRM Free Version Quickstart

Full training for Zoho CRM tradesmen companies. Initial signup and training.

Zoho CRM Official Training

Zoho CRM Official Training Videos.

Custom Zoho CRM Questions Answered

You ask me the questions and I will do my best to explain the answers to you.

Zoho ONE Question Of The Day

Questions to get us talking about Zoho ONE.